Repair MOV file format videos easily

The .mov file extension is for QuickTime multimedia file formats and can store different types of formats of video, audio, animation, music, 3D and much more. The mov file format is developed by Apple Computer Inc. and provides essential support for many software packages like iTunes.

The mov files are arranged internally like files and folders that are nested in folders known as ‘Atoms’. The QuickTime movies can be repaired where the resource is lost. In the versions before 2000 of the QuickTime Player, the structure of the movie is stored in the ‘Resource Fork’ of the file which can be checked with ‘ResEdit’ in MacOS 9.

All atom types have 4 bytes of human readable identifiers and most of the information required for defining that structure of any QuickTime movie is in first few pages of the specified file. The rest of the data is the movie data that is the mdat atom. If you copy the header from any movie that is compressed the exact same way to the damaged file one can restore the damaged movie.

This mov file format is a multimedia container file that contains one or even more than one track. However, there are instances when the QuickTime Movie gets corrupt due to certain reasons and the MOV video may get corrupt and inaccessible due to header file corruption. One may also delete the files accidentally or deliberately. Memory card corruption is also a major reason for the inaccessibility of the files stored on the memory card. However, with the help of third party mov repair software you can recover the lost and inaccessible mov videos.